Buy training gear

There is a lot of places, where you can buy your training gear, both on- and offline. Aarhus Jiu-Jitsu have no preferences as to where you do this.

Buy a gi (the white trainingsuit), for Jiu-Jitsu or Judo. Gi's for all other styles can not endure the pull and tuck, that we do.

We recommend, that you get to try yout gi, before you buy it. You can do that @ Budoeksperten (Egsagervej 5, 8230 Åbyhøj).

A sensible beginners gi for at reasonable sum is Mizuno Kodomo judo gi junior - hvid (it is available in all sizes, even though it says junior 🙂 ).
Size is your height in cm. Available with 10 cm flexibility. Buy the size just bigger than you (if you are 181 cm, buy a 190 cm gi)

The club can buy gear from Budoeksperten with a 20% discount. We will naturally let that benefit our members.
Find out, what you want to buy and send a mail to stating exactly, what you would like to buy. Include your name also.
We will then buy it and bring it (most likely) for the next trainingsession. You pay, when you get it in hand.

You may also buy from the following (no discount):
- Nippon sport
- Dax Sport
- Budoland
- Fit4fight
- Fightersport

and lots of other places. you may also buy second hand on e.g.DBA.

The first time, you wash your gi, it will shrink approximately 5%. If you use high temperature and dry tumbler, it will shrink approx. 7 - 8%. After the first wash, it does not shrink very much more.