The gym is a joint Dojo with other martial arts, Judo and Aikido, where we help each other across the arts in order to introduce Japanese martial arts.

You can as such join all three styles in below link.

Upon membership in one of the styles, you are free to train in the other 2 as much as you like for free. The gym fee is 1050,- every 6 months. Payment February 1st and August 1st. The first payment is adjusted to fit the remaining time in the current period.

Registration is done through below link, that leads to the joint page for Aarhus Martial arts. In Danish. If you need any help, contact one of the instructors.

You first create a profile for yourself by clicking "Tilmeld". Thereafter you can join the specific class (Jiu-Jitsu) and handle the payment.

You do not need to enrole for taking trial lessons.